OUTLAW OPEN BACK 1.5 in real Quartered Maple


Here is a true one and a half way speaker incorporating Omega Synergy Drive,
and another original from Omega.

The advantages are obvious such as:

1) Still a single point source, but in dipole configuration

2) Double (actually almost triple) the the driver area

3) Higher efficiency

4) Lower impedance

This speaker is an entirely new project. It is designed to use two full range drivers, one in an open back configuration which makes the upper driver operate in the dipole mode.

My intent was to use two of the same full range drivers. I wanted to use both and not run both full range.

Using two of the same drivers has advantages as they share the workload and will be more sensitive running at 4 ohm. Running both drivers full range would not be too accurate on the front baffle and would ruin my perfect point source. I run the top driver full range and the bottom driver to 500Hz. All I needed to do was add a high quality air core coil for the bottom speaker.

The transition of the drivers is spot on because they are the same and matched. Both drivers share bass and mid bass duty and the speaker system is still a single point source in the mids to treble.
This speaker is a true one and a half way.

The sound is utterly unbelievable: huge, well focussed, wide and DEEP soundstage. Electrostatic speed, perfect integration of drivers, wide open midrange...where does it end. These speakers are amazing!

Outlaw Open Back 1.5 Way

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